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The Community House School, was founded in 1927. The school is a non-profit, non-sectarian educational organization, licensed by the New York City Department of Health and registered with the New York State Board of Regents. The school has an accredited Kindergarten as well as a variety of preschool programs.

Our School encourages learning through socialization, cooperation and experimentation. Children learn to observe, listen, explore our environment, reach conclusions, communicate with others and achieve independence. The school reinforces the child's self-esteem nd emphasizes attitudes that promote the worth of every individual. Physical development and well-being, social and emotional development and budding intellectual curiosity are seen as interrelated. We value your child as a total being.
Teachers are licensed and certified. The director is certified in Early Childhood Education, holds a Masters, and additional Advanced Degrees/Certificates as well as advanced certifications in Administration and Supervision. All Staff must attend continuing education courses each year. In addition to our classroom staff, we have two"My Gym" gymnastic instructors and an instructor from the Brooklyn - Queens Conservatory of Music.


Your child's name must be placed on a waiting list in advance of registration. In mid-November an appointment will be made for you to come and visit the school. Registration will follow.

Registration for the following September will be completed in February.


Tuition is based on full school term - September to June. Partial enrollments are not accepted.

mom and tots


Come share with your child the joy of discovery! Participate in your child's developmental process in an organized small group setting. Children will learn through concrete experiences at their own pace in our colorful, carefully prepared classroom while interacting with their peers.


Will include free play with Mom/Nanny, Circle Time, Song Time, Finger Play, Flannel Board, Stories, Crafts, Baking.


The class is run by an instructor and two assistants who plan all activities. All supplies are provided by the Community House.


Your child's name must be placed on a waiting list in advance of registration, which begins in May for September (1st. Session). Your child must be 1 year 6 months by September of entry. Class Size is limited to 18-22 children with a parent or nanny. A caregiver must accompany each child.

SESSIONS - 2 Sessions (16 weeks each) from September to June for a total of 32 weeks

HOURS -Tuesday 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Fee and Schedule on Request.